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Lubricants/Grease Blending & Marketing

VIVA is the brand name of Premier Petroleum high quality lubricants and specialties, introduced into the Nigerian market in 2013. VIVA range of products includes automotive, industrial, marine lubricants and specialties.

VIVA brand of products are blended in our fully automated and state-of-the-art blending facility, equipped with latest machinery to attend to the various lubricant needs of the economy. Our reputation is built with a solid foundation through the formulation of a full range of high quality products and services that conform to international standards set namely, SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and API (American Petroleum Institute).

Research & Development
Our Vision and Strategy
Product Features
VIVA Product List
  • We pay special emphasis on the quality of our products. We have our quality testing lab where each product undergoes various tests to ensure that we are delivering the best to our clients. At every stage, established quality norms have been implemented, this makes sure that our product line are completely defect free as well as subscribes to ISO and SON standards.

    We are fully committed in defining our customers’ problems to their lubrication needs by constantly providing innovative solutions, technical backup and competitive pricing policies, surpass compliance regulation and strive to advance today’s customer requirements, both locally and overseas.

    Our quality inspectors check the manufactured products on various quality parameters which include Purity, Formulation, Stability, Performance in all diverse conditions, Heat resistance and Non toxicity.

  • We are backed with sound research and development department which is well equipped with latest tools. Our experienced researchers continuously strive to develop and release lubrication technology to offer value added products. To meet the changing requirements of the industry they keep themselves abreast with the latest technology to manufacture new products to revolutionize our presence in the market.

  • At Premier Petroleum, our vision is to take our business and services everywhere with respect to the environment & our people.

    To realize this vision, we are applying a differentiated business model that takes us beyond a conventional integrated oil and gas business. By adding an integrated strategy to a strong oil and gas business, we have gained access to a new suite of opportunitiesthat differentiates us from the competition.

    Premier Petroleum’s integrated strategy is adding value through the development of opportunities created by the growing demand for quality services in the oil and gas industry. In implementing this businessmodel we aim to use our size to an advantage—linking our technical strength, commercial skills and international stature with the speed and agility and a willingness to do things differently.

  • We offer automotive and industrial lubricants and specialties which are extensively used in various industries. Our products are renowned across the globe due to the following salient features:

    • Eco friendly
    • Stable
    • Effective in diverse atmospheric conditions
    • Pure and accurate composition
    • Non corrosive
    • Non toxic

  • Our range of products includes the following:

    Engine Oil

    • VIVA P1 Fully Synthetic SAE 0W-40
    • VIVA P2 Semi Synthetic SAE 5W-30
    • VIVA PS Diesel HD SAE 40
    • VIVA PE Diesel HD SAE 40
    • VIVA PP SAE 50
    • VIVA PG SAE 20W-50
    • VIVA PL SAE 20W-50
    • VIVA PG FORCE SAE 10W-30
    • VIVA PS TURBO SAE 15W-40
    • VIVA PX 2T
    • VIVA PXP 4T SAE 20W-40
    • VIVA UP

    Transmission Fluid


    Universal Tractor Oil (UTTO)

    • VIVA PUT SAE 10W
    • VIVA PUT SAE 50

    Break Fluid


    Automotive Gear Oil

    • VIVA PM HD SAE 85W-140

    Industrial Gear Oil

    • VIVA PM SP 320

    Hydraulic Oil

    • VIVA PF AW 68

    Radiator Coolant

    • VIVA PUC



    Marine Cylinder Oil

    • VIVA PMC 570

    Marine Trunk Piston Engine Oil

    • VIVA PMT 1530
    • VIVA PMT 5040

    Marine System Oil

    • VIVA PMS 30

    Transformer Oil

    • VIVA PI
    • VIVA PT
    • VIVA PU

  • VIVA range of products has a competitive edge over its competitors in the industry because of the following reasons:

    • High quality products
    • Latest production facilities
    • Proper quality
    • Inspections
    • Transparent Deals
    • Easy mode of payment
    • Ethical business policies
    • Prompt delivery