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Sustainable Business

Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR Strategry
Social Performance Management System
  • Corporate Social Responsibility has both practical and ethical dimensions for Premier Petroleum. It is about doing the right thing as well as managing risk and protecting our reputation. It's about investing in the community. About creating an environment where people feel good about working.

  • Premier Petroleum has always been committed to behaving responsibly in every part of our business including the health, safety, security, environment and social aspects. Our proactive approach to understanding and managing social and environmental impacts in and around the areas where we operate cannot be over emphasized. In order that we remain a leader in the field of corporate social responsibility, Premier Petroleum has implemented a strategy that complements our business model:

    • We will continue to plan and create and deliver net positive social and environmental impacts wherever we work.
    • We will continue to work in partnerships, where possible, to multiply these positive impacts through collaboration with specialist organizations.
    • We will continue to report publicly on our performance and achievements across the social and environmental sphere every two years.

  • Premier Petroleum's Social Performance Management System aims to enable every function and Business Units to play a responsible role in the community in which they operate whilst developing a viable business operation by:

    • screening for social impacts through systematic and integrated social and environmental impact assessments, in every part of our business;
    • building mutual understanding/communications between communities, labour union and other stakeholders where we operate, and Premier Petroleum;
    • minimizing negative impacts on the community and environment - generating positive developmental interventions;
    • forging bilateral and trilateral partnerships to manage community expectations and relations; clearly assigning internal responsibility for delivering the above;
    • formulating plans, timetables and measurable deliverables to achieve our objectives.