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Business Development

Premier Petroleum’s Business Development Department is responsible for identifying and capturing new business opportunities that provide a strategic fit with the company’s businesses. These efforts support the ongoing ability of the company to meet the needs of our customers, while creating long-term shareholder value and growth.

Our Values
  • Premier Petroleum's core values complement and support our strategy. These values are at the heart of all our day to day activities as well as being reflected in our policies and procedures. At the centre of these values is Creativity, the heart of our business. The foundations of the company rest on Professionalism and Respect, and our spirit comes from our Tenacity and Dynamism.

  • Premier Petroleum is a creative business, with a pioneering spirit that thrives on fresh challenges and ideas.

  • Premier Petroleum has the courage and determination to succeed where others may falter or lose their nerve

  • Premier Petroleum is a can do, fast forward company that seeks to outpace its rivals in turning opportunities to its advantage

  • Commercial acumen, technical expertise, business integrity and pride in 'getting it right' represent the cornerstones of our business

  • We believe that our ability to succeed depends on the quality and resilience of our relationships